5 self-help books you should read.

I used to be the queen of DNF books and fell asleep each time I read a book regardless of the genre but once I vowed to read 20 pages a day of self-help books, everything changed. I enjoyed sharing what I read with the people around me. It almost felt like I'm a different person from yesterday and I loved that feeling.

I am adamant about reading books that resonate with me. People have been raving about other books and tried to convince me to read them but I couldn't simply because I cant relate right now. Here are 5 self-help books you should read before 2021.

I am an early bird. I remember the day I started reading this book is the day I made a vow. It was around 6:00am. I made coffee and had my journal and 3 pens with different colours to take notes. Brene Brown challenges us to be Vulnerable by emphasising on the fact that rising strong means you will fall and it hurts but what is important is daring which means being brave enough to feel your way backup. Did you know that one of the most challenging things when reality knocks is rumbling with forgiveness? Whether it's forgiving yourself or convincing yourself to forgive someone else. 

My granny told me to order it she will pay when she heard me raving about it. The books were delivered in two weeks. I only read books in the morning, its the only time my mind digest information to my highest capacity. I couldn't wait. This book made me perceive life in different angles based on what is happening at the moment. Dr Spencer Johnsons used the cheese as what we want in life and the maze as where we spend time looking for what we want. I quote his thread " what would you do if you weren't afraid? 

If you on social media you would remember how popular this book was this year. I ordered it the same time with who moved my cheese and the Outlier. I was looking forward to read it because it felt like it speaks to me. My housemates were mesmerised when they realised the reason behind my 4:30am shower or 6:00 am shower during level 5 lockdown was transpired by the 5am club book. Robin Sharma gives the importance of a morning routine through his two clients. He helped them maximise their psychological, emotional, physiological and spiritual health. If you struggling to maximise your productivity through a routine. This one is a must. 

This is the first book I bought myself earlier last year. It's a brief and easy to read book. This is legit self-help book for entrepreneurs and self employed people written by Dj Sbu. He takes us through his journey. How he made it to this point and things to lookout for in the business industry. I quote him "once you've made your decision, keep going. To this day I never stop what I am doing because I made a decision. You thinking of giving up? not so fast. Read this book

If you know me, you will know I love casual/semi-casual situations. Shonda's writing style is amazing! it feels like you having a conversation with her. This is the book I am currently  reading, also I didn't know the creator of the popular how to get away with murder until I started reading this book. Shonda talks about why she started saying YES and how saying YES changed her life. So far I would like to believe she wants to challenge us to see how it can change our lives too.

Those are the books that keeps me going and challenges me everyday of my life. Please share the self-help books you read and what you learnt from them also to recommend others.


A strode Motorsports fanatic : Clauiee Grace Mpanza

"Nothing will be given to you in a silver platter-Be strong"_Clauiee 

It is believed that women are not as authentic and raw towards sports as man, they are only interested in attractive stars. Wait, Whats a sport fan? A person who is enthusiastic about sports (Collins English dictionary, 1994). So, How does one then conclude on which Gender is more enthusiastic? 

Clauiee Grace MPANZA, the petrolhead junkie is one of the sports fanatics who followed sports from a young age. She said, she grew up doing everything with her dad, from watching soccer, motorsports to playing chess. A very competitive woman who get inspired when people Excel in their craft but most of all one who keeps the doctor away from her with a regular routine of smile.

Her career blossomed in the sport industry as a radio presenter, voice artist and a scriptwriter at Vision view sports radio station. Let's say Clauiee paved her way with her genuine love for sports. It's seldom to find a genuine fan in a rare but popular sporting code like motorsports. 

Her goal is to be the best broadcaster in the world in her motorsports niche but also believes in the need to know everything as a broadcaster. 

How does sports makes you feel? 

"It's indescribable. You know when you meeting your crush you really like and they just gives you butterflies and you just not really sure why you can't really explain it? I have a sweet tooth, so when I get a really good ice cream, It's that excitement, fulfillment. Sports is just powerful beyond measure. There is more to it than the results. Not only is an escape to the real world but you get to see incredible athletes doing what they gifted with, how they continue to be so consistent. I get inspired when I see people do what they do best because there is this beauty in excelling- makes my heart happy." 

How has covid19 affected you? 

" With motorsports it has been tough. The last time I had watched a race was last year December. We went to testing in February and I thought come much we starting off the season but NAH. My life felt empty. Yes I had to choose positivity and be greatful for the gift of life and the people around me but I could feel that something was missing."

One thing you can't wait to do when the cure is found?

"I am going everywhere, from football, rugby, cricket, tennis. I am attending everything. These has taught me not to take anything for granted." 

Clauiee is that one fan who is in the arena mentally. She doesn't have a favourite team or racer but appreciate different things from different teams or racers. 

The following are things she appreciates from 3 racers she loves.  

Michael Schumarker-fantastic but she loved Ayrton Senna because he is a pure racer, has a pure heart and he was fearless in the track. 

James hunt is also amazing because he has the don't give up spirit. He had many financial blows, he brought sponsors, how well he knew his car and his connection with The car. 

She would compete with her friends about who is doing more push-ups, who will hit the fastest time in a certain steep. Clauiee is very adamant about healthy competition which involves no gender but facts because in essence you both getting same job done.  She said, "To be a winner you have to overcome every challenges because challenges are everywhere" 

What are the things to lookout for in the industry? 

"Be youself because there can only be one you in the world and work hard. The most important thing I have learnt is that, don't fight negative energy with negative energy. Hatred with hatred.  Be positive be the light in every situation you are in. Your colleague or people in the industry may not like you but fight for what you want. Be consistent in what you want. consistency and continuity. Always improve yourself, you can't be the same as yesterday. If you grow as a person you have to grow your craft. You need to nurture it like your baby. People will criticise you but take positive criticism because it helps you grow and get better, work on it because they not attacking you but showing where to fix. Be willing to listen, to be heard and have fun while you at it."

Clauiee is living proof that men and women have the same Mental capabilities. Look at how her career is shaped, her industry, confidence, ambitions and most of all her Goal. I Stan strode women like Clauiee Grace Mpanza. All the best in your journey. 

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