Buhle Mbola Rebranded as an English teacher in South Korea.

Today we will gain an insight about teaching English in South Korea and how Buhle survive in a country completely different from her home country. First and foremost, South Korea is a complete different country starting from the food, culture to the language which can be a barrier. We had a digital interview with Buhle Mbola who shared with us her experience and why she relocated.

Buhle is a positive millennial who is currently an English teacher in South Korea. She broke out the struggle of employment by expanding her opportunities. She studied criminology and drama at University of KwaZulu-Natal Howard and PGCE at Edgewood. A YouTuber who calls herself "our Angel". She disseminate information about teaching English and her lifestyle in South Korea. She calls it "launching your careers".

When I asked how she feels about the fact that her goal to be a media personnel tuned to be a bummer, she said “ I am very excited and grateful for the way in which my path turned out. It is really true that God always has bigger plans for us. I'm very happy as an English teacher."

Please take us through your first year in South Korea

“My first year in South Korea was extremely cold on arrival (February 2019). I flew in with a few friends which I’d met on WhatsApp group from my intake. We have been friends since and they really been a huge part of why I don’t ever feel homesick. We’re in the same province which made my social life in South Korea, fun.

I grew a lot of independence staying at residence in 2018 so I have come to enjoy my own place here even more. There is a balance between being alone and having social life when I want to. We get great support in terms of training from the programs (TALK and EPIK) as well as at school from our mentors and co-teachers. So teaching has been great so far. I also got to travel to Thailand which was right when I needed a break in summer and back home in February. It was a great year and I couldn’t have asked for more.

When Buhle extended her time in South Korea, she also posted an interesting video on her YouTube channel titled "life update|| rebranding???". What compelled you to continue teaching in South Korea? “I always loved travelling abroad but I was compelled to move by lack of employment. This opportunity came at the perfect time when I was tired of rejection from companies, both private and public I am now grateful for that rejection because it has led me to a much more fulfilling position”.

She has an inspiring and breath-taking journey. So, Would you advise a person to rebrand when things takes a turn? “I’d 100% advise those who feel they want something more, new, challenging, different to rebrand and “rebrand” in the direction of Korea. This country has much to offer various personalities while you don’t even have to worry about accommodation, security. You can also save a lot”.

Most millennials are committed to achieving their goals. It is also believed that education is the key to success and going to tertiary increases the chances of employment after graduation. Unfortunately it was different with Buhle hence, teaching English in South Korea . Do you consider yourself/ career rebranded or planning to return to your initial career goal? “I have definitely rebranded and I’m comfortable with my position right now. I’m definitely going to be teaching for the next few years and brand into business one day.

Most people are aware of the program but lack knowledge about it. How can one apply to teach English in South Korea? “If you have not completed your diploma/degree but have completed your two years of studies. You can apply for TALK program. If you have completed your degree( specifically) you can apply for both directly on the websites or ( I advise this oath) through Golden key Education (an agency based in Cape Town) for Various benefits: help with appreciation, interview preps, save money by sending documents to cape town instead of South Korea ( if you apply directly)

Currently, there is a lot happening in the country and now People no longer believe anything especially international jobs. What can you say to people who don’t believe that teaching English is legit a contract job or who says it downgrade you as an individual if you have a degree? “It doesn’t really matter what anyone believes to be professional or not. The question should be would you be comfortable with the pay check or not”.

5 fun facts about Buhle

1.      I’m usually the life of the party around my close circle

2.      I’m quite entertaining

3.      I can wiggle my ring finger with the rest still.

4.      I can make magic with my hands

5.      I love love.

Thank you very much for taking your time to share your experience and knowledge about Teaching English in South Korea with us. All the best on your journey. and thank you guys for taking your time to read about it.

If you have any question regarding teaching English in South Korea please let me know in the comment section below.

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